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The Natural Anhydrous Sodium Sulphate produced by S.A. SULQUISA, comes from a Mineral source and it is characterized by its high purity of Na2SO4 and the absence of heavy metals, which makes it liable to consumption in a wide range of uses, as powder detergents, flat and bottled glass, paper pulp and Kraft paper, textile dyeing, human food and animal feed, chemical and pharmaceutical production.

As a result of our collaboration with the customers, S.A. SULQUISA produces several specifications of Natural Anhydrous Sodium Sulphate, designed to satisfy our customers’ different needs, all of them of a high purity which, only, vary in granulometry and average size.


Special Grades

The high purity of our product allows us to offer specialized products for special applications in sectors as different as animal feed, human food and pharmaceutical.

Other applications

  • Sultec

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